Art of Andrea Kostyal
''City Scape #112''Street Seen 2017Hotel Monteleone 2017"Zoom in the City''"MS Cafe""Shop, Live, Love, Play""Szechenyi square''"on Front St""The Courthouse""New beginning""At the corner of..""Memory""Gulf coast""Seaside 2016""Sparks came out of the water""Fog""Bobble gulf coast ""Optical""Flow #2""Movement" "Figure"
Available Artworks
My paintings are abstract cityscapes of the places that I have traveled and they reveal the feelings and moods of each city I have visited. It is great to listen to viewers who experience my paintings, as oftentimes they describe them as being taken in directions other than what I have experienced while creating the piece. I am happy that each of my paintings can offer the viewer a subjective landscape for their own personal experience.