Art of Andrea Kostyal
Riverside station Hot day at the courthouse The Lampton company All About Hattiesburg Street lightsSummer time Sitting outsideBig city viewCityOpera houseCrossing Harbor Reflection City parkSt Louis Cathedral ''City Scape #112''Street Seen 2017Hotel Monteleone 2017"Zoom in the City''"MS Cafe""New beginning""Memory""Gulf coast""Sparks came out of the water""Fog""Optical""Figure"
Available Artworks
My paintings are abstract cityscapes of the places that I have traveled and they reveal the feelings and moods of each city I have visited. It is great to listen to viewers who experience my paintings, as oftentimes they describe them as being taken in directions other than what I have experienced while creating the piece. I am happy that each of my paintings can offer the viewer a subjective landscape for their own personal experience.