Art of Andrea Kostyal
Eating Out Again“Looking Up”“We are in This Together #3“Converging Paths”“Finding New Ways” “Looking Forward to a Brighter Day”“We are in This Together”“Finding  Peace in Chaotic Struggle”“Your Charm is your Downfall (Italy)”“Getting out of it..”“Distance...”"To Find Myself in a familiar Stranger, Budapest"“Sun-Bathers”“New Norm #3“Downtown Hattiesburg”"The Gathering Place"“New Norm #2”"Mixed Views""Sometimes the Fog Makes you See Clear""Street view in The Hague""Empty Chairs"“Still going Strong..”"Opera house""Memory"“The Hague”"Nostalgic View- Just Sparks""All About this Town" "Gulf coast""Keep it Going"“On Front Street”“By the Coop”“Courthouse”“Oxford-Vicksburg”
Available Artworks
My paintings are abstract cityscapes, and seasides of the places that I have traveled and they reveal the feelings and moods of each city I have visited. It is great to listen to viewers who experience my paintings, as oftentimes they describe them as being taken in directions other than what I have experienced while creating the piece. I am happy that each of my paintings can offer the viewer a subjective landscape for their own personal experience.