Art of Andrea Kostyal
"Street Scene 2017""Street lights""Riverside Station" "Sunny afternoon""Cafe Du Monde""All about Columbia""Sparks came out of the water" "Looking through...""At the corner of..""Uptown""Mediterranean summer"Where I Belong toCoastal Summer Hotel Monteleone 2017After the summer rain"MS Cafe""Cafe 260""Getting Closer""Shop, Live, Love, Play""Harmony ""Zoom in the City''"Seaside 2016""Bobble gulf coast ""Boats in the Harbor, on a fogy morning" "Szechenyi square''St Louis Cathedral "City Scape #108""Getting Closer""The Courthouse"Hot day at the courthouse Riverside"City Scape #104""Up-Midtown""Seaside""Street view #2""On Front St""Harbor ""Bubbles in the City""City""Street of my Studio""Harbor""Flow #2""Movement" "Down to the pier""Untitled"  "Untitled-2015""All""Sacrifice""Dancer-#3"
Unavailable Artworks
Painting that are sold or/and belong to permanent collections.